A product demo video introduces and demonstrates your product to your target audience – building familiarity, and facilitating lead generation and brand awareness.

Whilst explainer videos educate your target audience by describing key concepts, product demo videos show the product, highlighting key features that solve the customers’ problem.

Physically showing off your product and how to use it to your customers before they make a purchase decision shows you are confident in the quality of your and gives your marketing strategy transparency. This makes a demo video ideal for product landing pages.

How to Market Your Products With a Demo Video

Your demo video combines sales and marketing perfectly to clearly demonstrate how your product works in an engaging way – proving its value, and giving your brand credibility.

Best used at the point of conversion, a good quality product video demo is also commonly used to support a product launch. As part of your social media strategy, it increases website traffic and boosts sales leads by generating curiosity.

Add live action, motions graphics and whiteboard video to increase impact, condense complex concepts and highlight special features. Repurpose the video to use in other stages of your marketing campaign, tailoring it to suit your target market.

The Advantages of Product Videos for Your Company:

A product demo can increase conversions as much as 80% on landing pages – resolving queries, and showing the value of your products. As a result, they offer excellent ROI.

Your demo video stimulates interest, whilst providing evidence that your product is the solution to your customer’s problem. It conveys all information they need to make their buying decision, in an engaging, transparent way. Statistics show that 54% of customers feel more comfortable about buying after watching a product video – and featuring a video on your site gives you a powerful competitive edge.

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