Why Fusion Films?

As a video production agency we have produced hundreds of testimonial videos all over the world. Our video production services include scripting, shooting, editing, motion graphics and delivery. The most important element in producing video testimonial is capturing a genuine, honest and credible account from your client or customer. Whoever we’re interviewing we always strike the careful balance between scripting (in the form of carefully worded questions) and allowing the subject to answer in his or her own voice…

Gain Trust with a Testimonial Video

By using genuine client testimonials as video content for your marketing campaign, you’ll validate the quality and reliability of your products and services. Positive peer reviews are one of the most effective ways of generating leads, and significantly increase conversions when placed on your landing page.

Your testimonial video can be repurposed throughout your customer’s buying journey. Use it to create initial awareness of a product, to encourage interest, or to close a sale.

Traditionally a talking head video, you can include product demos or animation, transforming your testimonial video into a powerful promo video. Feature your USPs alongside your testimonials to gain a distinct competitive advantage.

The Key Benefits of Testimonial Videos for Your Business

Your testimonial video will help instil confidence in your products and your services. It boosts brand loyalty, and establishes your company as a reliable, high quality business.

82% of online shoppers believe that online testimonials are as reliable as recommendations from friends and family. Eliminate customer doubt, increase credibility and generate more sales – with the help of the customers who already love what you do.

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